Mack FLEX is our new hybrid learning platform, blending online instruction and virtual community with our signature hands-on, inquiry-based program. This is your launch page for our Mack FLEX classrooms, which use the Google Classroom platform.

FLEX stands for:

Why Mack FLEX? Because all of us (students, staff, and parents) have been challenged to FLEX our learning muscles in new ways, and we are committed to being FLEXIBLE in how we teach and learn!

Mack FLEX is not only an online learning space. Although in this moment, our way of connecting with students and families is online, the rich learning experiences our staff are creating are so much more than just computer-based. Your children will be invited to investigate, explore, create, collaborate, calculate, draw, move, sing, dance, and play - just as they do in the Mackintosh physical classrooms every day.

The Mack FLEX Learning Plan is designed to address the following scenarios:

  • Synchronous engagements to support learning and socio-emotional well-being of students through real-time engagements;

  • Asynchronous learning through assignments and exercises for students to complete on their own.

  • A commitment to monitor and adjust this plan and the student experience during the time of their implementation.

The Mack FLEX learning tools and platforms we will use include, but are not limited to:

  • Classroom Landing Page Websites (under construction): for homeroom announcements, news, and events for students, access to schedule (only for those invited to view), links for help.

  • Weekly Schedule: This schedule will change weekly, as we are responsive to student and family needs. The schedule will be posted in ParentSquare and on the Classroom Landing Page.

  • Synchronous Zoom Classes and Community Meetings hosted by Mackintosh Faculty

  • ParentSquare

  • Asynchronous independent learning through Google Classroom (K-8th) and/or Seesaw (Pk-2nd) overseen by Mackintosh Faculty

  • Our school emails

Roles and Responsibilities

Leadership Team

Diane Dunne, Head of School
Beth Steklac, Assistant Head of School
Sharon Muench, Curriculum Coordinator

  • Develop systems for FLEX learning

  • Communicate with faculty/staff and parents

  • Support faculty/staff and parents during FLEX Learning

  • Ensure effective implementation of FLEX Learning Plan and accountability to student learning

Homeroom Teachers

  • Collaborate with colleagues to design FLEX Learning experiences for students

  • Develop high-quality student learning experiences

  • Implement FLEX Learning Plan

  • Communicate with and provide timely feedback to students

  • Communicate with parents

Learning Support

Stacey Anderson Learning Specialist

  • Partner with classroom teachers to respond to unique FLEX needs related to a student’s Classroom Accommodation Plan

  • Communicate with parents regarding student progress

  • Work with the teachers for students to access the content of the FLEX learning lessons

Social Emotional Learning Support

  • Provide information to parents and teachers regarding self regulation, anxiety and/or wellness strategies that students can practice during this time of FLEX learning

  • Provide developmentally appropriate resources regarding anxiety, isolation, health and wellbeing particular to grade level(s)

  • Respond to social/emotional needs of students, as needed

Associate Teachers
Specialist Teachers

  • Provide support and assistance to assigned grade level and/or subject area teachers as requested

  • Provide synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities related to specialty fields (arts, world language, physical and health education.)

Parent-run Tech Support Team

  • Provide responses to student, and family requests regarding technology issues.


  • Attend the regular synchronous Zoom classes offered by each of their teacher/s.

  • Dedicate appropriate time to learning, comparable to a school day and/or as guided by your teacher/s.

  • Check appropriate online platforms for information on courses, assignments, resources daily.

  • Identify a comfortable and quiet space to study/learn.

  • Engage in all learning posted with academic honesty.

  • Submit all assignments in accordance with provided timeline and/or due dates.

  • Ensure social and emotional balance by keeping healthy habits.

All Parents

  • Read Weekly Schedule posted in ParentSquare each Sunday evening.

  • Provide an environment conducive to learning (access to technology, safe and quiet space during daytime).

  • Engage in conversations regarding learning experiences.

  • Ensure child(ren) attend Zoom synchronous classes.

  • Support emotional balance by providing ample room and time for reflection, physical activity, conversation, and play.

  • Encourage off-screen time during scheduled recess, lunch and after school hours.

  • Communicate directly and promptly with classroom teachers about any questions or concerns. Please utilize scheduled teacher hours.

  • To the extent possible, find a quiet space for your child to complete Zoom classes, watch videos, and other learning activities involving a speaker or microphone.

PreK Parents

We are committed to providing continued rich learning opportunities for our youngest students. We recognize that accessing and completing activities will require parent involvement and understand that availability may look different for each family.

  • Parents are urged to help their child join scheduled Zoom meetings to maintain social relationships and connections with the teachers.

  • Parents will share student work and activities through ParentSquare and Seesaw.

K-2nd Grade Parents

As these students are still developing their independence, a teacher-parent partnership is necessary for students to engage in FLEX Learning tasks and to access online resources.

We ask parents for the following support:

  • Read the ParentSquare updates from your child’s teachers.

  • Guide your child through the Weekly Schedule.

  • Help your child log into Zoom sessions.

  • Increase your familiarity with Seesaw, our primary educational platform in K-2.

  • Support your child in uploading scans-pictures of their work into Seesaw

  • Designate a place where your child can work independently on his/her assigned tasks. Ensure it is equipped with tools and materials for student learning.

  • Email your child's classroom teacher if you or your child has questions and/or if your child needs extra help and support. Please utilize scheduled teacher hours.

3rd-6th Grade Parents

  • Designate a place where your child can work independently on his/her assigned tasks.

  • Help your child print out their weekly schedule and put it in a prominent place in their workspace.

  • Check-in occasionally to support your child with self-management skills during a time when distraction may be incredibly tempting!

  • Encourage your child to email the classroom teacher (during scheduled office hours) if you or your child has questions and/or if your child needs extra help and support.

MS Parents

  • Assist your child in designating a space where your child can work independently on his/her assigned tasks.

  • Encourage your child to print out their weekly schedule and put it in a prominent place in their workspace.

  • Provide periodic monitoring of independent and online activities to support safety and self-management.

  • Periodically monitor student progress and grades in FACTS.

  • Encourage your child to email the classroom teacher (during scheduled office hours) if you or your child has questions and/or if your child needs extra help and support.

Classroom Schedules

Each week Homeroom teachers will provide a detailed schedule for your child’s classroom. The schedule will include links to Zoom sessions and a checklist of what to do during Independent Work Time. Please note that classroom schedules may be modified slightly each week as we FLEX our muscles and respond to feedback from students, parents and teachers. We encourage you to go over the summary schedules below with your child. This weekend is a good time to set up your home routines to support the schedule for the coming weeks. Detailed weekly schedules, including meeting links and independent assignments, will be provided by the Sunday evening of the week prior.

For the first week (March 30 - April 3), the detailed Weekly Schedule for students will also include a grade-appropriate "Back-to-School Orientation," supporting parents in navigating our new FLEX learning environments and platforms as outlined below:

Zoom invites and Orientation videos will be posted in ParentSquare.

Kindergarten Monday, 9:00 - 9:25 am (Zoom)
1st-2nd Grades Teacher scheduled small groups Saturday and Sunday (Zoom)
3rd-4th Monday, 9:30 - 10:10 am (Zoom)
5th-6th Monday, 10:30 - 11:30 am (Zoom)
7th-8th Orientation video sent this weekend

The schedules will be color coded for ease of use as shown below:

Synchronous Zoom Class Session

Zoom link url and meeting id included in each box (also in the student's Google calendar)

Goal: Develop community, relationships and routine, provide direct teaching and check-in.

Attendance will be taken.

Independent Work Time

Independent, personalized, required tasks and assignments

Goal: Skill development, self management, support and reinforce learning.

Turn in as teacher directs via:

  • Seesaw Assignment

  • Google Classroom

  • ParentSquare Post

  • Or, email it to teacher

Break - Recess

  • Get a snack

  • Go to the restroom

  • Do some jumping jacks, run, be wild, laugh

  • Meditate, Stretch, Relax


Optional Enrichment Activity (Asynchronous)

Use these teacher-vetted activities to propel and enrich learning.