Rising to

Grades 7th-8th

Summer Reading Requirements

Read a minimum of 2 books:

Book #1: Book of Choice. Participate in a summer reading challenge using your public library summer reading program.

Douglas County: https://www.dcl.org/summer-reading/

Bemis: https://bemis.libguides.com/teen-deck/programs Go to Bemis Library in person to register. They have great local awards!

Jefferson County: https://jeffcolibrary.org/summer-challenge/

Book #2: Read a book of your choice along with (either together or separately) a parent/grandparent/other important adult in your life and have your own book club.

Task: Write two book reviews on these books or create two short 1-minute videos based on these books to your teachers: darrah@mackintoshacademy.com and joe@mackintoshacademy.com before your Back to School conference and be prepared to discuss in class on the first day of school. This assignment will be your first Language and Literature mark.

Optional Design Challenge

*Make something to share with class ( Food, Sewing, Woodworking, Art, Code) https://summerofadventure.org/makerchallenge or https://www.instructables.com/

8th Grade Required PHE (Physical Health Education) Course Tasks

*Complete your personal physical fitness plan.

Optional Summer Spanish Practice


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