Frequently Asked Questions

How do we ensure safety in online meetings?

Our Technology Team is well aware of Zoombombing and other security risks with online meetings. To that end we have implemented the following steps:

  1. Links not shared publicly.

Only Mackintosh student emails have access to the PS (Parent-Student) version of the schedule with the links to the Zoom Meetings and their Meeting IDs. Students can access these links also through their Student Google calendars, but only with their student accounts. For parents' convenience there are links to encrypted and password protected versions of the schedules.

  1. Participants have to be approved to join

Our Zoom meetings are set up with two layers of security to help ensure the lack of unauthorized people into our meetings. First all our online meetings require a password. Second, “Waiting Rooms” are enabled so hosts (teachers) have to allow in each and every participant (student) individually. If the username or identity is unknown, then the participant will not be allowed in.

  1. Screen share limited to teachers

We have enabled the option to limit screensharing to the host only. This is the most common method of Zoombombing. Even if the above #1 and #2 were to fail a person would be unable to share illicit material.

  1. No remote activation of webcams

Our educational account with Zoom was updated on Wednesday to prevent the unauthorized remote activation of webcams and microphones which was reported in some places of the world. Our staff has been instructed to immediately close down a meeting which seems like it has been compromised.

  1. Phone access

We have opened up the phone access options. Students can access that information on their Google calendar event of the Zoom meeting. We have had very limited success with that option; however, it is worth exploring if your bandwidth is limited.

  1. Settings Audit

Finally, to ensure school wide compliance of the above steps, we have gone through every option in the Settings of the Zoom Educational Version with all staff members to ensure highest security while providing access to all students.

We have not had any negative interactions, but we are not complacent either. As with anything internet-related, we try to limit possible negative exposure. We realize there are possible risks, and have had discussions with our Technology Team, Parent professionals within the field, and Independent school teams in our situation since January on how to minimize these risks while still being able to quickly and easily provide a quality curriculum.

How to quickly switch accounts in Zoom

In the case where it is not possible for the student to use their own dedicated device, there is a quick way for parents to quickly switch accounts. When you are logged in to the Zoom application, click on the account icon on the top right of the application and then click on “Switch Account” right above “Sign Out” . You will then be presented with the Sign In window where you can click on “Sign In with Google” and sign the student in with their account.

Cannot login to Zoom - this link is for authorized participants only?

If you got an error saying "this link is for authorized participants only,” it is because you are not signed in to your Zoom application with your email address.

To fix this:

  • Sign out of your Zoom application. When prompted to sign in click on the button "Sign in with Google.”

  • Enter your email address and the same password you use for your email.

How do I check my bandwidth (quality/speed of my internet connection)?

Bandwidth is the rate of data transfer between your computer and your ISP. Downstream is the speed to download (receive) data and upstream is the speed to upload (send) it. Typically bandwidth is asymmetric, with download speeds much faster than upload speeds.

To check your bandwidth, we recommend you go to and provide that information when you contact us.

We also recommend that you test this speed in two locations: (1) Close to your WiFi router or access point, and (2) Where you typically use your computer. You’ll be surprised how different speeds can be because of the wireless coverage within your home. This information will help us troubleshoot any problems your student may be having with accessing Zoom classes, or other online resources.

If you have problems accessing please try any of the following:

How to connect to Seesaw on a Kindle tablet when Google sign-in isn't supported on Kindle?

The current workaround is to open a web browser on the Kindle tablet, go to and sign-in with your Google Mack email.

Having trouble connecting to Seasaw or Zoom?

Please visit the following webpages to check the status of a particular service:

My camera is not working

  • You may have turned it off with the "F8" key while cleaning your keyboard.

  • If you have an external camera attached, it could be you have selected the wrong camera. Go to Zoom > Settings > Video and select the correct one from the Camera pulldown.

How to make sure you are running the latest version of Zoom app on a Chromebook?

  1. Click on the three dots in a circle in the upper right hand side of the browser window.

  2. Select “More tools” and then “Extensions

  3. An new tab labeled "Extensions” should appear in the browser window

  4. In the upper right hand side of the “Extensions” tab you will see a google switch labels “Developer mode.” Click on the switch so that it moves to the right.

  5. Three new buttons will appear on the upper left hand side of the window below the blue bar title bar.

  6. Click on the third button from the left, which is Labeled “Update,” to force updates to all browser extensions.

Words appear backwards? Problems with mirroring?

Zoom displays your own video feed as mirrored but transmits it correctly to other viewers. This is a feature!  This is because we are used to seeing ourselves in the mirror, but that is not what we look like to others.  Your own un-mirrored feed will look strange to you.  So Zoom show you your own video mirrored, but transmits it to other people in the meeting correctly.

So if you put something you've written up to the camera it will show backwards to you, but don't worry! It is showing correctly to the other people in your Zoom meeting or classroom.

How to join a zoom meeting without installing Zoom?

While it is preferable to install the Zoom client for the best user experience, sometimes we need to join a meeting from your web browser. You can do this by copying the meeting URL in the form and replace the /j/ with /wc/join/ so that the URL looks like this that will open the meeting right inside your web browser,


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What is Seesaw?
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