Rising to Grade 2

Welcome to 2nd Grade! We can't wait to see you soon. Enjoy your summer days!

Mrs. Pausback

Ms. J-Starr

Summer Reading Requirements:

  1. Choose 2 books from the following list. You may read to yourself, read with a family member, or a family member may read these books aloud to you.

  1. Please complete the following activities once you have finished reading your two choice books. Scan (or take a picture) and email completed activities before back to school conference in the fall and be prepared to discuss in class on the first day of school: lara@mackintoshacademy.com and brynn@mackintoshacademy.com.

  • Draw a picture of the setting (there may be more than one). Make sure your setting shows place, time, and season if possible.

  • List the main character’s personality traits (looks, acts, and feels). Can you connect these to the IB Learner Profiles?

  • What is the theme, lesson, or message that the author is trying to communicate?

  • How do the books demonstrate "connections''?

Optional Summer Spanish Practice: Videos and games.


Username: mackintoshacademy

Password: Mack1