Grade 3-4

Welcome to 3rd-4th FLEX!

Welcome to Week one of our "How We Express Ourselves" Unit. We are thrilled to begin this unit along with Spanish and visual arts. Please look at Parent Square for more detailed information on the changes being made in our schedule and homerooms this week. We will begin our unit by inquiring, "What is art?" and beginning to explore various art forms. Students will also be picking an art skill to develop for their summative. More information on that will be coming home this week.

Weekly Tasks for Students

  • Spelling Lesson 13 is due Friday. Please do the written response on Google Classroom and leave the spelling pages in your book to be collected when we return to school.

  • Check your math Google Classroom for math assignments and complete daily work and Math's Mate.

  • Talk with your parents about what skill you want to work on for your summative. We will discuss this in U of I this week.

  • Make sure you have turned in everything from our Economics unit.

3rd-4th Parent-Student Community Meeting

This is the slideshow about Mack Flex that we shared at the beginning of our remote schedule. It should help answer questions about our schedule.