Rising to Grades 3-4

Summer Reading

  1. 3rd grade: Complete 20 activities on this summer reading choice board (you’ll need it printed out) and bring it to the first day of school with any written activities attached. Also, write a letter to Ms. Dixon and Mrs. G introducing yourself this summer. Have an adult email a picture of it to your teachers. (mia@mackintoshacademy.com and lula@mackintoshacademy.com )

  1. 4th grade all class read: Please read this book over the summer and be prepared to do an activity with it at the beginning of the year: Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo Also, join a summer reading program at your local library. Share a picture of your reading list or certificate to your teachers via an email by August 16th (lula@mackintoshacademy.com and mia@mackintoshacademy.com). Be sure to include a description of a book that you really enjoyed.


Here are some sites to work on keyboarding over the summer:


BBC Dance Mat Typing


Typing Club

Nitro Type

Summer Spanish Practice: Videos and games.


Username: mackintoshacademy

Password: Mack1

Play off-line math and board games with family. You might want to check out Tang's Summer Math Challenges:
Level 3 (Finished 2nd Grade)

Level 4 (Finished 3rd Grade)

Level 5 (Finished 4th Grade)

Level 6 (Finished 5th Grade)

Level 7 (Finished 6th Grade)

Level 8 (Finished 6th Grade)

Level 9 (Finished 6th Grade)

Level 10 (Finished 6th Grade)

Practice your math facts while doing something physical (skip-counting by 3s, 4s, 6s,7s,9s)