Grade 3-4

Welcome to 3rd-4th FLEX!

Welcome to Week 5 of our Who We Are unit, focusing on Ancient Greece! We are so thrilled by the students' enthusiasm for a time and place that created so much of our modern world.

Unit of Inquiry

Our Greek simulation began last week to a round of "Chaire" (Greek for Hurrah) as students were sorted into their city-states. In addition to being a lot of fun and filled with learning, this simulation also provides opportunities for students to work on social skills like cooperation and adopting group roles. If your child hasn't already shared, it is a great conversation topic.

Language Arts

While our book groups are filled with laughter and connections to Greek Myths and the Odyssey, we have been working more seriously on our research skills during writing time. We have been working with students on how to find, organize, and write about their findings in ways that are effective, efficient and responsible. It has been a great reminder that much of the learning that is happening is less about content (like Greek pottery) and more about the approaches to learning (like research skills and communication skills). This week, we will continue working on writing informational paragraphs about the sub-topics for their Greek project.

Spelling 18 is due by Friday this week.

Weekly Tasks for Students

  • Check your math Google Classroom for math assignments and complete daily work and Math's Mate.

  • Read any assigned novel reading and do some independent reading each day.