Welcome to Summer Mackintosh

Welcome to MackFLEX!

Hands-on. Inquiry-Based. Innovative. Connected.

Mack FLEX is our new hybrid learning platform, blending online instruction and virtual community with our signature hands-on, inquiry-based program. This is your launch page for our Mack FLEX classrooms, which use the Google Classroom platform.

FLEX stands for:

Why Mack FLEX? Because all of us (students, staff, and parents) have been challenged to FLEX our learning muscles in new ways, and we are committed to being FLEXIBLE in how we teach and learn!

Mack FLEX is not only an online learning space. Although in this moment, our way of connecting with students and families is online, the rich learning experiences our staff are creating are so much more than just computer-based. Your children will be invited to investigate, explore, create, collaborate, calculate, draw, move, sing, dance, and play - just as they do in the Mackintosh physical classrooms every day!

Parents' Testimonials

I’m so thankful that Mackintosh Academy was able to pivot at lightning speed and provide online schooling in the context of the pandemic. It has been an incredible transformation to witness and my boys are absolutely thriving in their new online environment. While they would prefer to see their friends and teachers in-person of course, they are happily engaged and excelling in their schoolwork. I couldn’t ask for more given the circumstances. Thank you to the entire Mack staff.

I have been incredibly impressed by how Mack has handled the remote learning situation. They have an amazing team of teachers that thought ahead, planned and worked ahead, and have done an amazing job implementing the online learning. My kids have been engaged, thoughtful, and challenged since this started. One of my kids is new to Mack this year and she told me she is disappointed that this happened when she is having the BEST year ever at school. She is so happy she made the choice to go. We miss seeing everyone, but the staff has put so much time and energy into making this work, I am confident it has not been a lost year for my kids. Thank you Mackintosh Academy.

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