Grade 3-4 Guilbert Homeroom


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Welcome to 3rd-4th Guilbert Homeroom!

Welcome to Mrs. G’s homeroom! Though some things will be different this year, there is a lot of fun, connection, and learning ahead. We have been working over the summer on ways to make our in-person and FLEX learning experiences engaging, interesting, and fun. I spent most of my summer in my garden growing vegetables, fruits, and flowers and enjoying nature on hikes, camping trips, and walks. I also spent time with my husband Kenton, my daughter Delia (who is heading off to college), and my son Davon. My pet cats and chickens enjoyed the extra time our family spent at home this year, or at least they liked the extra treats. I'm looking forward to hearing about your summer adventures.

We are excited that all of the students in our 3rd-4th pod are in the same cohort, which means that they will have the opportunity to see both Ms. Fishman and Mrs. Guilbert, as well as the specialist teachers, during their day. All of the 3rd 4th students will have a morning recess together and have the same block for lunch, so they will get to see friends old and new. In addition to joining in groups for learning during the day, our hybrid learners will also be joining in both our morning meeting and our afternoon community meeting where we will have fun bonding activities and community building.

We have been busy preparing our classrooms and materials to start an amazing year. Our start date is Thursday August 27th for in-person learners and Monday, August 31st for our hybrid learners. Students can be dropped off at Mack between 8:10am and 8:25am and our day starts at 8:30am. Our parent representative will be contacting you about a virtual picnic for class parents prior to the start of school. To see class lists and more information, look on our MackFLEX site.

In the meantime, here are a few things that your child can be working on to help them feel prepared for school.

  • (Optional) Summer Reading - Our class summer reading goal is for each student to read five free choice books plus our community read: Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo. I have updated the instructions in Google Classroom (for those of you that already have Google Classroom set up) on how to record your five books. If you don't yet have Google Classroom, you can just write the title, author, and a brief summary of the book/something you liked about it on a piece of paper.

  • Practice keyboarding - We will be using technology in a variety of ways this year and the more comfortable your child is with typing, the more they can focus on the content of their writing.

  • Learn outside - Our first unit is “How the World Works” and we are looking at the structure and processes that shape the earth. We will explore concepts in geology like the rock cycle and plate tectonics and will be learning to analyze and classify rocks and minerals using scientific methods. If your child wants to start building a rock collection or even just be on the lookout for interesting rocks, encourage them to take a picture to add to our action wall (or share it with me via email or Vidigami). There are also some great hikes in our area, like Dinosaur Ridge or Castlewood Canyon State Park, that offer a glimpse into how our Colorado landscape has changed over time. I will be sending out a more detailed list of optional family field trips later in the unit, but wanted to plant the seed of this idea and encourage you to take pictures if you go.

In order to help with collaboration, we are requesting that parent communications go to both of our emails ( and More information on the start of school will be coming out soon. Please be sure to check Parentsquare for updates from us and from the school community. Feel free to reach out with any questions.