5th-6th Quandaries

Updated Monday, January 25, 2021

The Great Change! For the next twelve weeks, the Quandaries will be studying chemistry, and the human body/brain.

Here is a small slide show with some information about what we will be studying and how things work in Mrs. Muhich's room.

5th-6th Muhich Condundrums

Weekly Task List

  • Introduction to the Unit

  • Mystery Box Lab

  • Mendeleev Simulation

  • How to Create Cornell Notes

Supplies Needed this Week

  • Chemistry textbook

  • Jungle Book

  • Computer

You will get these in class this week.

Life Hack Daily: You can write a letter to your future self on Futureme.org and choose when you want it to be e-mailed to you. :)

Taken from Life Hacks 2021 daily calendar, Mon, Jan 11